Bella Cargo

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Bella Cargo
The Bella Cargo is a modern lightweight all-round cargo bike, with unique rear wheel steering. The distinct rear-wheel steering design on a Bellabike makes manoeuvring a breeze. You’ll find it easy to get around in the city by being able to ‘turn on a dime’ and weave your way elegantly past any obstacles – without losing eye contact with the road in front of the box.

Bella cargo was developed for commercial cargo freight. With its low centre of gravity, big box, high payload and its superb manoeuvrability, it has been an obvious choice for many different types of companies. Among these, delivery, tools, food, coffee, advertising bikes, newspaper distribution etc.

The Bella cargo was originally developed for a company who made basic commodities deliveries to elderly people in Copenhagen. To start with the company used cargo trikes with wooden boxes. But this solution was not ideal, as the heavy duty daily use frayed the plywood edges resulting in a box full of splinters.

Our job was to design a more reliable trike with a stronger and bigger box. So, we developed a steel box frame covered with alloy sheets. Also, to solve the access problem of reaching goods right at the bottom of the box, we made one side 21,5 cm lower and a special lid with hydraulic springs.

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