Bella 4 standard bike

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Bella 4 standard bike
The Bellabike is a modern lightweight all-round family cargo bike, with unique rear wheel steering. The distinct rear-wheel steering design on a Bellabike makes manoeuvring a breeze. You’ll find it easy to get around in the city by being able to ‘turn on a dime’ and weave your way elegantly past any obstacles – without losing eye contact with your kids in the cargo box. Even with a full load you’ll enjoy maximum manoeuvrability and ease-of-use.

The customizable cargo box has room for four children and a couple of large bags of groceries. You can start without any seats and then add to the bike as your family grows and your needs change. One cargo box for it all, with room for both siblings and a baby in carrycot.

The specially-designed retractable canopies keep things dry on those rainy days. Personalise your cargo bike, by designing your own, unique decals for the sides of the cargo box.

Frame color: Black.
Side sheets color: Silver.

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