Wooden bench

1.050,00 DKK

Wooden bench

Bellabike bench is made from a special, outdoor weatherproof plywood, mounted on aluminum brackets.

The bench is fitted with two 3 point seat belts, So that you can be sure your children are securely fastened during the ride. The belts can be adjusted to children of all sizes.

The high backrest is designed to offer maximum protection for small children and offers 3 fitting slots for the 3 point seat belts, to ensure the fit is snug.

Wood material was chosen for the seat and bench because of its organic qualities. In Winter it is warm to sit on and in the Summer it will not become clammy like plastic to sit on.

The weatherproof wood stays pristine for a long time, but will then age gracefully your bench, if you need to transport larger objects.

All seating options in the Bellabike are always installed in or against the driving direction. sideways installation can result in heads banging together in case of sudden stops.

Colour: Brown.