Aluminum Chair

795,00 DKK

Aluminum Chair

The alloy seat is made of aluminium tubing, over which the seat and backrest are stretched and fitted.

The alloy seat is especially suited for transporting toddlers and smaller children. They can be adjusted from fully upright to fully reclined, and can be mounted so they face either forwards or backwards, and you can tip the back fully forward, when loading shopping behind the seats.

You can also adjust the position of the seat inside the box, as it can be moved forwards or backwards by sliding the seat along a glider at the base that can be locked with a quick release bolt when it’s in the right position.

A 3 point hip safety belt, with a strap between the legs, and an extra strap around the cheast for smaller children, increases safety and ensures you child can’t climb out while you’re riding, and a head neck pillow is available as an added option.

The alloy seat can be mounted on a Bella 2 or Bella 4 bike, and the seat can be used with all hood types provided by Bellabike.

You can even mount it on other transporter bikes, provided they have a flat base.

Colour: black.